Just for you...

Commissions are one of my favorite parts about making a living as an artist. Together we'll brainstorm in a collaborative process, and have a grand old time. Whether you are a new home owner, restauranteur, or just someone like me who has a favorite old building, I'd be happy to create a two-dimensional space just for you. Oh wait, you want something entirely different? That's cool, I am always up for a challenge and/or new project. Review the instructions below and let's make this sweet partnership happen!

1. Have a jumping off point, a picture, a subject, or even a color.

2. Have a size and material in mind. But...I prefer to work on wood panel or canvas :).

3. Email me with your thoughts, dreams, ideas and price range. You know the drill.

*Due to the high number of requests, commissions start at $300. 

And that's it! See you on the flip side.